New Year, New Politics: An Attlee settlement for 21st century Britain

Tuesday 30 January 2018

January is traditionally a time to take on exciting new challenges, and British politics is no exception. The country faces a number of domestic issues beyond Brexit, from the shape of the public finances and the quality of public services to getting living standards growing again. What domestic policies should the government and opposition focus … Continued


Finding the right path: Improving career prospects for non-graduates

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Jobs, Skills and Pay

Public policy is often focused on boosting high-level skills and helping those with the poorest qualifications. But those in between are often overlooked, despite representing over a third of the working age population. How are non-graduates faring in Britain today? What career routes are working, and who is being left behind? How can we break … Continued


Looking through the hourglass: Hollowing out of the UK jobs market pre- and post-crisis

Monday 23 March 2015

Jobs, Skills and Pay

In common with other advanced economies, the UK has been characterised as having an ‘hourglass’ labour market in recent decades, with employment growth proving strongest in low and high paying sectors and weakest in the middle. But what are the factors behind this polarisation – globalisation, education, the rise of the robots? And has the … Continued


What’s the damage? The impact of the great recession on the jobs market in Britain and America — and the prospects for a recovery

Thursday 14 November 2013

Incomes and Inequality

With a recovery in GDP now taking hold in the UK, attention is being drawn to the nature of the upturn. Central to this debate will be the outlook for the labour market. As things stand, uncertainty is the order of the day. Will unemployment keep falling as growth takes hold, followed by rising real … Continued