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What a drag: The chilling impact of unemployment on real wages

19 September 2012
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What a drag: The chilling impact of unemployment on real wages

Date: 19 September 2012
Author: Paul Gregg and Steve Machin

Real wage growth in the UK labour market, since around 2003, has slowed down and stagnated. This report documents the nature of real wage changes across the wage distribution over the last three decades. The report explores whether unemployment has become a stronger moderating influence on real wage growthin recent years.

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26 June 2012
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Creditworthy: Assessing the impact of tax credits in the last decade and considering what this means for Universal Credit

Date: 27 June 2012
Author: Paul Gregg , Alex Hurrell and Matthew Whittaker

Creditworthy assesses the direct and indirect impacts of tax credits, finding that there is no evidence that tax credits hold down low wages. The analysis discredits the assumption that tax credits, available to low and middle income families, enable employers to pay lower wages.

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