Our Work

The goal of the Resolution Foundation is to improve living standards for the 15 million people in Britain on low and middle incomes. To achieve this we conduct rigorous research, analysis and policy development to inform public debates and influence key decision makers in government, the private sector, and civil society. Over the coming year, we will be pursuing our mission through work in the following areas.

Charting the recovery and fiscal choices

In 2012, our Commission on Living Standards produced the most comprehensive account yet of why the prospects for those on low and middle incomes began to stagnate before the recession. Moving forward, the onus is on ensuring that ordinary working families share in the economic ...

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The low wage economy: pay and insecurity

Wages are the single biggest contributor to household living standards. In the last year, we have completed the first major economic study of the living wage, showing that higher pay could both boost living standards and deliver net savings to government from reduced spending on ...

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Welfare reform, taxation and support for families

There are competing philosophies about how best to tax and financially support families with children. Some argue that it is more effective to reduce the amount of tax that households pay by increasing tax allowances or cutting tax rates whilst others argue that it is ...

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The Commission on Living Standards demonstrated how rebuilding household incomes over the next decade will critically depend on increasing employment, notably among women and workers over 50. Our work on childcare has demonstrated how Britain’s high childcare costs significantly erode work incentives for mothers ...

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Debt, household recovery and monetary policy

The years before the recession saw households take on a growing burden of debt, with those facing the highest levels of indebtedness not being the households who borrowed to buy assets. While interest rates remain low, the impact of current levels of indebtedness is limited ...

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Housing and the cost of living

Over recent years, low to middle income families have faced major increases in the cost of living, as the costs of housing, food and fuel have all risen faster than the average rate of inflation. This trend pre-dates the economic downturn and looks set to ...

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