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Annual Statement on Research Integrity, October 2021 – September 2022

The Resolution Foundation expects all researchers to observe the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of their research. Research carried out with a high level of integrity is more trustworthy – and trusted – by other researchers, by users of research and by society in general, and it upholds values of honesty, rigour, transparency and open communication, as well as care and respect for those involved in research, and accountability for a positive research environment. These values, and the behaviours they instil, are central to a healthy research culture, and form the basis of the Foundation’s policy and practice in this area.

The Foundation, like the research community generally, is overwhelmingly motivated by these values. However, systemic pressures, such as procedural deficits or incentives offered to researchers and research organisations, can make it difficult to uphold these principles. The purpose of this annual statement is to confirm the standard all Foundation researchers are expected to uphold, the procedures in place to ensure researchers observe the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of all Foundation research, and to highlight any instances of research misconduct investigated during the year.

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