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We make some of our datasets available to public to explore. Go direct to the following data dashboards or see our topic areas below for quick links to our interactive charts on housing, intergenerational affairs and more.

Housing Outlook

Across twelve interactive charts, the Resolution Foundation Housing Dashboard provides curated indicators detailing the latest trends in the housing market, housing’s impact on living standards and the latest housing policy developments. Regional breakdowns are provided to enable understanding of how trends play out differently across the country.

Intergenerational Centre

Our Intergenerational audit for the UK, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, takes stock of generational living standards differences in Britain according to the latest data. This accompanying data dashboard allows much more detailed exploration of these differences – including gender divides and the regional picture – across jobs, skills and pay; housing costs and security; taxes, benefits and household income; and wealth and assets.

Earnings Outlook

Across twelve interactive charts, the Resolution Foundation Earnings Outlook lifts the lid on recent pay trends, what’s around the corner, and what’s in the pipeline for future earnings growth – from pay inequality to job mobility, training intensity and graduates in non-graduate jobs.

Access to safe, secure and affordable housing is one of the most fundamental measures of living standards. But spiralling house prices, combined with the limited availability of social housing and high costs associated with the private rented sector, mean that for many UK families and individuals, these things remain out of reach. In this section we examine:
  • Home ownership
  • Housing costs
  • Overcrowding
  • Commuting times
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Entering employment, acquiring new skills and progressing up the pay ladder are important steps in many people’s lives, and essential for improving their living standards. But changes in the labour market, educational opportunities and the wider economy mean that different generations face different work and pay-related challenges, shifting across the life course. In this section we explore:
  • Pay growth
  • Employment trends
  • Qualifications
  • Atypical employment
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Household incomes and consumption patterns provide a lens on day-to-day living standards. We explore these measures here, with a specific focus on how changes to the tax and benefit system are affecting them, and the experience of poverty for different generations over the life course. In particular we look at:
  • Household incomes
  • Poverty
  • Consumption trends
  • Welfare spending
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In this section we explore wealth inequalities between different birth cohorts and generations, how this relates to home ownership, and how it reflects changes in the pensions system. We also look at how wealth patterns vary between men and women. Our data focuses on:
  • Changes in net wealth
  • Property wealth
  • Inheritances and gifts
  • Pensions
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Housing matters for family living standards in the here and now, and in the future. Here we provide national and regional indicators tracking housing tenure; the number of families with children living in the private rented sector; day-to-day housing costs and the years needed to save for a typical deposit. View topic
The health of the housing market effects – and reflects – the health of the economy as a whole. This basket of indicators contains national and regional trends in house price and rental price growth; housing sales and mortgage approvals. We also provide a timely estimate of house price growth, one month ahead of official data. View topic
Governments and politicians can have a big effect on housing, for good and for ill. In this basket of indicators we track housing supply, housing stock relative to the number of families; housing benefit coverage and Help to Buy sales – tracking trends at the national and regional level. View topic
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