Britain should aim to have the lowest persistent poverty rates in Europe

Published on Incomes and Inequality

Commenting on the latest ONS figures on persistent poverty published today (Tuesday), David Finch, Senior Economic Analyst at the Resolution Foundation, said:

“While overall poverty rates in the UK are broadly in line with the rest of Europe, it’s encouraging to see that the risk of staying in poverty is far lower here, though it has increased in the last year.

“The UK’s low levels of persistent poverty comes at a time of high employment and with workless households at a record low. Work remains someone’s best chance of escaping poverty, though it no longer guarantees an escape route.

“Having the lowest persistent poverty rates in Europe is both a desirable and achievable target for Britain. Getting there will require policy action to encourage more people into work and get to grips with our even bigger challenge of in-work poverty. The risk is that the coming welfare cuts could push our persistent poverty rates in the wrong direction.”