NEWS FROM RF – David Willetts to become Executive Chair of the Resolution Foundation

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Today it was announced that Gavin Kelly, Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation since 2010, will leave this post in order to start a wider role as Chief Executive of the Resolution Trust in the autumn. Over recent years RF has become an award winning think-tank that focuses on raising the living standards of low to middle income Britain.  More details about the new role of the Resolution Trust will be published in due course.

The Resolution Foundation will embark on an ambitious new phase of development. David Willetts, former Minister for Universities and Science and author of many books including The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took Their Children’s Future – And Why They Should Give It Back, will become RF’s Executive Chair and the search for a new Director will begin. The Resolution Foundation will continue to build on its reputation for analytical and policy work on living standards, where it has led the debate on issues such as low pay, welfare reform, housing, childcare and fiscal policy. David will also lead the expansion of the role of RF so that it covers an even broader set of issues including how to secure fairness across the generations in Britain.