City limits: How the UK’s industrial strategy can share living standards gains

Monday 10 July 2017 Incomes and Inequality

Speech by Business Secretary Greg Clark MP

Industrial strategy is back in fashion, at a national and City-region level. And with deep geographic inequalities an unwanted feature of the UK economy, a new focus on tackling these divides is welcome.

How can attracting new investment into cities boost living standards? Does the local population benefit when new businesses arrive and how far do those benefits spread? And what role can policy makers at a national, regional and local level play in delivering a new industrial strategy that boosts jobs and earnings across Britain?

At an event at its headquarters, the Resolution Foundation presented new analysis on the wider living standards impact of hi-tech investment in cities across Britain. Business Secretary Greg Clark delivered a speech outlining the government’s industrial strategy, before a panel of experts respond and take part in an audience Q&A.