• Resolution Foundation

    The Living Standards Audit 2019

    Our second dedicated Living Standards Outlook, combines survey data, OBR forecasts, the government’s tax and benefit policies, and more, to project household income growth for different groups.

  • Resolution Foundation

    A new generational contract

    The final report of the Intergenerational Commission

    This report contains the Commission’s conclusions, drawing on a deep and wide-ranging examination of the experiences and prospects of different generations in Britain.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Low Pay Britain 2018

    This year’s report – the eighth edition of Low Pay Britain – documents the headline trends shaping the low-paid end of the labour market today and highlights the new challenges policymakers should be addressing.

  • Resolution Foundation

    The Resolution Foundation Earnings Outlook

    A look beyond the headline data on the forces behind current developments in pay, how the fruits are shared, and the short- and longer-term drivers of earnings growth.

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