• Resolution Foundation

    The Living Standards Audit 2018

    Our Living Standards Audit, updated for 2018, estimates how household incomes have performed over the last year, and examines under-reporting of benefit incomes in official survey data,

  • Resolution Foundation

    A new generational contract

    The final report of the Intergenerational Commission

    This report contains the Commission’s conclusions, drawing on a deep and wide-ranging examination of the experiences and prospects of different generations in Britain.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Low Pay Britain 2018

    This year’s report – the eighth edition of Low Pay Britain – documents the headline trends shaping the low-paid end of the labour market today and highlights the new challenges policymakers should be addressing.

  • Resolution Foundation

    The Resolution Foundation Earnings Outlook

    A look beyond the headline data on the forces behind current developments in pay, how the fruits are shared, and the short- and longer-term drivers of earnings growth.

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