Stagnation Nation

The role of Greater Manchester in renewing the UK’s economic strategy for the 2020s

UpcomingWednesday 12 October 2022

A joint event with Resolution Foundation and Greater Manchester Combined Authority Register to attend in person. The United Kingdom is facing a decisive decade of huge economic change, from tackling the energy bills crisis, to restructuring after Brexit and the pandemic, and urgently transitioning towards a net zero future. But it is doing that against … Continued

Political parties and elections

The Generation Strain

How can a Conservative Government offer a brighter economic future for young and old?

Sunday 2 October 2022

Resolution Foundation fringe event at Conservative Party Conference 2022.  The pandemic triggered an exodus of older workers from the labour market, while the economic stagnation that Liz Truss has vowed to address has meant that eight million young people in Britain today have never experienced a period sustained rising wages. We will discuss how both young … Continued

What next?

The impact of Trussonomics, tax cuts and market turmoil

Thursday 29 September 2022

The last few days have seen a radical reshaping of the Government’s economic policy and a radical reaction from financial markets. Out have gone both Treasury orthodoxy and the legacy of the Johnson premiership, and in are lower taxes, higher borrowing – and higher borrowing costs as spooked markets respond. Will this new strategy boost … Continued

Political parties and elections

The Big Economy Debate

How Can Britain Tackle The Cost-of-Living Crisis And Build A Better Future?

Monday 26 September 2022

Resolution Foundation fringe event at Labour Party Conference 2022. This event is sponsored by Natwest. Britain is braced for an acute cost of living crisis facing households and business this winter, and the squeeze is set to continue to well into next year. This latest squeeze is set against a broader backdrop of low growth … Continued

Political parties and elections

Stagnation Nation

Tackling The UK’s Toxic Combination Of Low Growth And High Inequality

Sunday 25 September 2022

Resolution Foundation fringe event at Labour Party Conference 2022. The UK is set for a decade of profound economic change – from the impact and aftermaths of the Covid-19 and energy bills crises, to navigating a new future outside the EU and urgently transitioning towards a low carbon economy. How might economic change play out over … Continued

Slouching towards utopia?

Brad DeLong on the economic history of the 20th century

Wednesday 14 September 2022

The 20th century was one of unparalleled economic growth – from rising living standards and an explosion of material wealth, to massive falls in poverty and deprivation. But it was also one of huge economic disruption, caused by, and the cause of, brutal global conflicts, as well as one of competing economic philosophies and outlooks, … Continued

The future of the UK economy

Navigating a route to a fairer and more prosperous Northern Ireland, and beyond

Monday 12 September 2022

The whole of the United Kingdom is facing a decisive decade of huge economic change, from tackling the energy bills crisis, to restructuring after Brexit and the pandemic, and urgently transitioning towards a net zero future. These shifts present big new opportunities for people and places throughout Northern Ireland, such as being a hub for … Continued

A bleak midwinter?

The cost-of-living crisis facing Britain and its new Prime Minister

Thursday 1 September 2022

Britain is in the midst of a painful cost-of-living squeeze, with double digit inflation prompting the biggest fall in real wages since the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. And the crisis will get far worse in the coming months as inflation continues to rise, energy bills soar, and rising interest rates are felt in higher … Continued

Whose wealth boom?

Assessing the UK’s changing wealth gaps

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Britain has experienced a wealth surge in recent decades even as household incomes have stagnated. Wealth really matters in both good times and tough times – from young families buying their first home, to drawing on savings in the face of rising energy bills. But not everyone has shared in Britain’s wealth boom, and understanding … Continued

Monetary policy in troubled times and beyond

Valedictory speech by MPC Member Michael Saunders

Monday 18 July 2022

Having taken more of a backseat in the economic policy response to the pandemic, monetary policy is back centre stage as central banks around the world grapple with the highest inflation many countries have seen in generations. Monetary policy makers are having to make crucial judgements over the pace and scale of interest rates rises … Continued

Stagnation Nation?

The Economy 2030 Inquiry conference

Wednesday 13 July 2022

The UK is facing a decisive decade of economic change, as we emerge from the pandemic, adjust to Brexit, and urgently transition towards a net zero future. Some hope these changes will help us overcome the stagnation that has seen the UK enter the 2020s with low growth and high inequality – be that via … Continued

Power, pay and profits

What do shifts in firm and worker power mean for wages?

Thursday 7 July 2022

Firms create value – at least the successful ones do. But who benefits, the firm’s owners or workers, and by how much, is often up for grabs. That’s why power in our labour market matters. It doesn’t just affect the level of wages, but the inequality of those wages too. The power of workers – … Continued

Boomers, snowflakes and avocado on toast

Are generational stereotypes harming our futures?

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Connecting Generations Thought Leader Talk | Professor Bobby Duffy, King’s College London Are Baby Boomers stealing their children’s futures? Are Millennials really entitled ‘snowflakes’? Are Generation X the saddest generation? Will Generation Z fix the climate crisis? Are any of these labels and assigned characteristics helpful? Or are they damaging our ability to bring generations … Continued

The long view of living standards

What drives income growth and inequality in modern Britain?

Monday 4 July 2022

Britain is in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis that is squeezing the incomes of households across the country. That crisis is particularly challenging because it comes against a backdrop of low-income growth and high inequality. Turning these worrying trends around is a key task for the 2020s, with history providing an important guide to … Continued

Mind the gap (part II)

What drives productivity gaps across the UK?

Thursday 30 June 2022

People’s incomes are fundamental to their living standards, and productivity is fundamental to those incomes. But Britain is beset by big productivity gaps – between North and South, and between metro and non-metro areas. Understanding what has driven these gaps and how they’ve changed over time is critical for an economic strategy that successfully tackles … Continued

Economy 2030

Mind the gap (part I)

How do people’s incomes differ across the UK?

Monday 27 June 2022

People’s incomes are fundamental to their living standards, and closing regional income gaps is central to levelling up the UK. But there are many moving parts to household incomes, they play very different roles across the country, and there are big gaps in what official statistics tell us about this crucial question. An economic strategy … Continued

Economy 2030
Brexit & trade

Brexit Britain

Assessing the impact of Brexit on people, places and firms

Wednesday 22 June 2022

The British economy has altered substantially since the Brexit referendum result, as firms and workers have seen changes to investment and wages respectively. But the longer lasting impacts of Brexit on our economy are ahead, not behind us as our economy goes through the process of adjusting to life outside the single market. Some sectors … Continued

Economy 2030
Net Zero

The net zero job

How will decarbonisation affect the world of work?

Monday 20 June 2022

The net zero transition has changed debates about the future of the labour market, with new jobs – like wind energy engineering – growing year-on-year and worries about rapid declines in carbon-intensive industries like steel production. But the main effect of the net zero transition will be to change our jobs, as firms adapt to … Continued

Labour market

The new NEETs?

Understanding the changing nature of youth worklessness

Monday 13 June 2022

High levels of young people not in employment, education or training was a major social and economic concern in the 1990s. Decades of concerted policy action to reduce numbers across Britain has seen the scale of the problem shrink, but it has not gone away. Under the positive headlines, some forms of worklessness are on … Continued

All change please?

What going for growth could mean for different places across Britain

Tuesday 7 June 2022

After a decade of stagnation and many decades of persistent regional economic divides, the task of securing a brighter economic future for a wider range of places is now up in lights. It’s an ambition that resonates with the public too, and if policy makers across local, city-wide and national government are to take effective … Continued

Chatting to Chancellors

Book launch for The Chancellors by Howard Davies, featuring former Chancellor George Osborne

Monday 30 May 2022

The nature of British economic policy, and the Treasury’s role in directing it, have ebbed and flowed over the past 25 years. Monetary policy was ceded to the Bank of England in 1997, but the Treasury then extended its grip over domestic policy. The last decade has seen it respond to two once-in-a-lifetime economic crises, … Continued

Economy 2030

Raising the bar

What are the new frontiers for tackling low pay?

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Over the past two decades, Britain’s low pay landscape has been transformed by the introduction and ramping up of the national minimum wage. This has been an unqualified policy success, so much so that the government is on course to eliminate hourly low pay this decade. With that landmark moment in sight, policy makers will … Continued

Green growth: miracle or mirage?

How might cutting down carbon give the UK economy a cutting-edge?

Monday 23 May 2022

The UK’s net zero transition represents a major challenge for the UK, but also a major opportunity if we get it right. Many argue it could see the UK utilising its existing economic strengths to lead the way in cutting edge clean technology – creating jobs and new export opportunities. But with other countries holding … Continued

Labour market

From platforms to promotions

How technology can boost young people’s career prospects

Wednesday 18 May 2022

The way young people enter the job market from education can have a marked effect on their future prospects. Economic crises are a particularly tough time to start a career, and while the Job Retention Scheme prevented mass unemployment during the pandemic, young people still face huge challenges in terms of rising insecurity and finding … Continued

Whose economy?

Exploring people’s experiences as workers, consumers and citizens

Wednesday 11 May 2022

We all experience the economy in a myriad of different ways – from the jobs we do, to the things we buy and the communities we live in. The good, the bad and the ugly of those experiences are important considerations, not just for individual economic policy decisions, but in setting the objectives of our … Continued

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