The Great British wealth windfall

Is now the time to reform property taxation?

UpcomingThursday 9 December 2021

In-person event and live interactive webinar. Register to receive access link. House prices across the UK have rocketed over recent decades, and have continued to surge even when the rest of the economy collapsed during the Covid crisis. This has delivered a huge wealth windfall, that far from being shared equally has gone to existing … Continued


Exploring WorkerTech in Manchester together

Bringing the WorkerTech community in Manchester together to explore how we might shape a fairer future of work for all

UpcomingTuesday 7 December 2021

Online event. Register to receive access link. We’re excited to bring you an event bringing the Manchester community together to discuss and explore new technologies that help shape a fairer future of work. We’ll be joined by expert speakers who’ll provide us with tangible insights into how we might leverage new technologies to improve the … Continued

Hope to buy?

Assessing trends in home ownership

Thursday 2 December 2021

Purchasing a house has traditionally been seen as one of the key milestones in adulthood, providing not just a home but financial security for many. But with youth home ownership having declined substantially over the past three decades, this milestone is increasingly one many may not reach. How have trends in youth home ownership changed … Continued

Economy 2030
Labour market

Back to the future

What comes next for the UK’s post-pandemic labour market?

Tuesday 23 November 2021

At the onset of the pandemic, there were widespread concerns about catastrophic levels of unemployment in the face of lockdowns. But extending the furlough scheme has kept a lid on unemployment, while the reopening of the economy this summer has sparked a ‘jobs-rush’. As the UK labour market enters a new phase, it is important … Continued

Economy 2030
Economic growth

Open for business?

Assessing the performance of British firms

Monday 15 November 2021

Live interactive hybrid event. Register to receive access link. British firms have had a tumultuous decade – from the financial crisis to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2020s brings new challenges as they grapple with post-Brexit trade and regulatory changes, the net zero transition, and improving the UK’s woeful productivity record. But what is the state … Continued

No shame, no gain?

Do firms’ reputational concerns affect their compliance with labour market laws?

Tuesday 9 November 2021

In-person event and live interactive webinar. Register to receive access link. Businesses are responsible for ensuring they treat their workers fairly – from providing safe workplaces to paying staff the wages they’ve earned. But not all firms meet these standards at all times and, in the age of social media, public outcry at poor behaviour … Continued

Economy 2030
Economic growth

Gaining from growth

When the economy grows, do wages?

Wednesday 3 November 2021

In-person event and live interactive webinar. While GDP is rarely discussed in the pub, the feedthrough from economic growth to higher wages is central to boosting family living standards. And while both pay and wider economic growth have been in short supply in the UK over the past decade, there is growing unease at the … Continued

Budgeting for Britain

What the Budget and Spending Review tell us about the Government’s economic strategy

Thursday 28 October 2021

Rishi Sunak has had to make a flurry of major fiscal announcements during his 18-months as Chancellor amidst the Covid-19 crisis. At last, with the worse of the crisis behind us, he will hope to be able to set-out an economic plan for post-pandemic Britain in his Budget and Spending Review next Wednesday. However, with … Continued

Covid cohorts

How have different generations fared in the second half of the pandemic?

Thursday 21 October 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has touched everyone’s lives, but has been felt differently across generations. And while the first half of the pandemic was marked by lockdowns to curb rising infections and deaths, the second half has been marked by the vaccine rollout and the reopening of the economy. The second half of the pandemic will … Continued

Economy 2030

Trading places

What does Brexit mean for the UK’s economic strategy?

Thursday 14 October 2021

The UK’s political and policy debate on trade has become preoccupied with the nuts and bolts of individual trade deals – some real, some imaginary. Meanwhile bigger questions about the future path of the UK economy post-Brexit are ignored. Trade shapes our economic strengths and weaknesses, the jobs we do, and where we do them. … Continued

Economy 2030

Pastures new

Is lower migration the route to a new, higher wage, British economy?

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Lower migration was always going to be a consequence of the vote to leave the European Union and Covid-19 has accelerated that change. The short term results include empty petrol stations and supermarkets’ warning of a Turkey-less Christmas. But wages are also rising fast for HGV drivers and the Prime Minister now insists that weaning … Continued

Cogs and Monsters

How economics needs to adapt to solve the world’s crises

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Digital technology, big data, machine learning and AI are revolutionizing both the tools of economics and the phenomena it seeks to measure, understand, and shape. The profession faces enormous challenges and opportunities in responding effectively to these dizzying changes and in helping policymakers solve the world’s crises – from steering the Covid recovery and tackling … Continued

Political parties and elections

Can Conservatives be loved in the South while ‘Levelling up’ the North?

Sunday 3 October 2021

Resolution Foundation fringe event at Conservative Party Conference 2021 Britain’s place-based inequalities have rocked the electoral landscape in recent years, and the Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda will attempt to close Britain’s deep-rooted prosperity gaps. But how can this welcome ambition translate into policies that will make a difference to people’s lives, and will more prosperous … Continued

Political parties and elections

The Big Debate

What is the economic plan for post-pandemic Britain?

Sunday 3 October 2021

Resolution Foundation fringe event at Conservative Party Conference 2021. This event is sponsored by Aviva. Britain is facing a decade of economic change on a scale we haven’t seen since at least the 1980s – from the Covid recovery to plotting a new path outside the EU, and transitioning towards a low carbon economy. The … Continued

Economy 2030
Net Zero

The carbon crunch?

Delivering the next phase of the Net Zero transition

Thursday 30 September 2021

This event will be streamed online with a limited in-person audience. Over the course of the 2020s, the UK will embark on the crucial next phase of the transition toward a Net Zero economy. This will touch our lives and livelihoods like never before, as we decarbonise how we travel and heat our homes. And … Continued

Political parties and elections

Labour’s Economic Plan For The UK Post-Covid

In Conversation With Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves MP

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Resolution Foundation fringe event at Labour Party Conference 2021. This event is organised in partnership with the FSB. The UK is set for a decade of profound economic change – from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to our new future outside the EU and the urgent transition towards a low carbon economy. These changes … Continued

Political parties and elections

The Big Debate

Where Next for the UK Economy Post-Pandemic?

Sunday 26 September 2021

Resolution Foundation fringe event at Labour Party Conference 2021. This event is sponsored by Aviva. The UK is set for a decade of profound economic change – from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to our new future outside the EU and the urgent transition towards a low carbon economy. These changes will be set … Continued

Good job?

How our experience of work has changed over the past 30 years

Monday 20 September 2021

The world of work has changed substantially over the past 30 years – from what job we do, to how we do it and what we get paid. These things matter for our job satisfaction – indeed our life satisfaction, via the esteem we get from work, to the stress or success it can bring. … Continued


Can tech help boost worker power?

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Live interactive webinar. Register to receive access link. For many workers the rise of tech has resulted in greater insecurity, increased managerial control and more stressful working conditions. But tech can also be deployed to help boost worker power, increase choices and improve information. What potential is there for unions to develop tech-based approaches? What … Continued

Nationally insured?

Analysing the Government’s tax-raising plan to fund health and social care

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Having promised a plan to reform social care and to not raise National Insurance in the 2019 General Election Manifesto, the Government has delivered on one promise, and broken the other, in spectacular fashion today. With over £30 billion worth of tax rises being announced in just six months, further funding for the NHS coming … Continued

The Chancellor’s Autumn crunch

Assessing the key economic decisions to come

Monday 6 September 2021

Since his surprise promotion in March 2020, Rishi Sunak has spent his first 18 months as Chancellor in full Covid crisis mode. But as the worst of the crisis appears to be behind us, the Government has an Autumn crunch of tough decisions ahead of it – with a Spending Review and potential Budget to … Continued

Economy 2030
Economic growth

From boom to bust and back again

200 years of economic change across Britain

Thursday 2 September 2021

Book launch for ‘Two hundred years of muddling through’ by Duncan Weldon The UK is facing a decisive decade of change, responding to the triple shocks of Brexit, Covid-19 and the transition to Net Zero. But this is not the first time Britain has faced such a radical upheaval. From industrial revolutions and the rise … Continued

Whose wealth?

Assessing the full impact of the pandemic on household wealth

Monday 12 July 2021

While the Covid-19 pandemic has been about curbing and contraction – from normal activities to employment – many aspects of household wealth have grown very swiftly. Families unable to spend have amassed extra savings and homeowners have seen the value of their properties soar. But these wealth surges have been far from even, with some … Continued

The final furlough?

Family finances in the Covid recovery

Thursday 1 July 2021

The UK economy is bouncing back after the deepest downturn in over three centuries. That bounce is being felt in the labour market too, with furlough rates falling and some firms even reporting challenges hiring. However, almost three million people are still not working, while unemployment may rise later in the year. While the UK’s … Continued

Economy 2030

A decisive decade for British business

In conversation with Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Having suffered the biggest economic contraction in 300 years, the UK economy is back on the road to recovery. But the Covid recovery is just one of many huge economic shifts confronting British businesses over the next decade as the country embarks on a new future outside the EU, faces an urgent transition towards a … Continued

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