Get off your (courier) bike: Getting millennials’ careers back on track

Monday 26 February 2018

Jobs, Skills and Pay, Intergenerational Commission

Young people have been hit harder than any other age group by the post-crash pay squeeze, but their pay problems predated the financial crisis. Youth unemployment is low, but millennials are disproportionately likely to find themselves in insecure work. And while millennials are often thought of ‘job hoppers’, they’re actually moving jobs less frequently than … Continued


Capital punishment? Wealth taxation in 21st century Britain

Monday 5 March 2018

Tax and Welfare

Speech by Resolution Foundation Executive Chair Lord David Willetts Britain owns a record £13 trillion of wealth – a figure that has grown much faster than GDP in recent decades, while the share of tax collected from it has stayed the same. Given the huge fiscal pressures Britain faces in the coming years and decades, … Continued


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