Temporary fix or lasting problem?

Monday 5 December 2016 Jobs, Skills and Pay

Launch of Resolution Foundation investigation into agency work

From the gig economy to record self-employment, new forms of atypical work have grabbed the headlines. Meanwhile others, such as agency work, have slipped below the radar. Sports Direct’s use of zero hour contracts in their stores was big news, but the exploitation of agency staff at their Shirebrook warehouse took years to gain attention. But given the scale of agency work across Britain, shouldn’t we start paying closer attention to it?

The Resolution Foundation is launching a major investigation into agency work across Britain to get to grips with the issue. It will look at the size and shape of our agency workforce, why some businesses prefer agency staff to direct employment, and whether there are pay and insecurity challenges with agency work that need to be addressed.

At an event at its Westminster offices, the Resolution Foundation will presentation new analysis on the scale and profile of Britain’s agency workforce to kick off its investigation. Other speakers including Iain Wright MP – Chair of the BEIS Select Committee – will offer their take on some of the challenges for staff and businesses in the agency sector, before taking part in a Q&A.