Labour market

Tuesday 3 November 2020


How safe are our workplaces during the pandemic?

Some types of workplace have long been recognised as hazardous, but the Covid-19 pandemic means new health and safety risks at work are now widespread. While people are once again being urged to stay away from their workplace if possible, that is not an option for millions of workers in shops and warehouses, schools and hospitals, factories and construction sites.

Do these workers think their workplaces are Covid-secure? Do their concerns differ by age, occupation and sector of the economy? What do they do when they have a worry about transmission in the workplace? And how can the workplace health and safety system best manage the new and widespread risk posed by the pandemic?

The Resolution Foundation is hosting an interactive webinar in which we will present the key findings of a new report, supported by Unbound Philanthropy, on workplace health and safety. We will then hear the views of experts from the worlds of work, and health and safety to debate and answer questions on the topic. Viewers will be able to submit questions to the panel before and during the event.