Thursday 2 May 2019

Grey(t) Britain: lessons for an ageing society

Britain is undergoing a dramatic demographic shift. The combination of rising life expectancy and the transition of the baby boomer generation into retirement means that the country has a record share of pensioners, which will continue to grow over the coming decades.

Longer living is arguably the best hallmark of human progress, but it does bring new challenges. How should the state and society – from housing to healthcare, tax receipts to benefit payments – evolve to meet this demographic transition? How can we do this in a way that rebuilds Britain’s social contract between generations? And what can we learn from other countries?

To debate these issues, the Resolution Foundation held an event at its Westminster headquarters to mark the launch of a fascinating new book by Camilla Cavendish Extra Time: 10 lessons for an ageing world. Baroness Cavendish spoke about the policy lessons she has learned from around the world, before taking part in a discussion with our Executive Chair David Willetts and an audience Q&A.


Baroness Camilla Cavendish, author, journalist and former No. 10 Director of Policy

Lord David Willetts, Executive Chair of the Resolution Foundation