Thursday 6 February 2020

New Decade, New Politics

How should the Conservatives and Labour navigate the 2020s?

Wednesday 29 January, 9.30-10.45am and Thursday 6 February, 9.30-10.45am, Resolution Foundation offices, Westminster

The 2010s was a tumultuous decade for politics, featuring four elections and three referendums, all under the long shadow of the global financial crisis. As we begin a new decade, the political landscape has completely changed – with the first strong government majority in 15 years operating against a backdrop of weak economic growth here and globally.

As Labour enters another decade in opposition, what lessons should it learn from the past? How should the Conservatives represent the very different parts of Britain that have put Boris Johnson into Downing Street? Where will “getting Brexit done” leave our politics and economics? And how might the economic and demographic trends of the 2020s shape our politics?

The Resolution Foundation hosted two events at its Westminster headquarters at which politicians, policy experts and commentators discussed the opportunities and challenges the two main parties must navigate during the 2020s, and how they should respond to them.

The Labour event took place on January 29th. A video of the event is available below.

The Conservative event took place on February 6th. A video of the event is available below.