Thursday 13 February 2020

Patrolling a ‘tight’ labour market

The future of enforcing employment protections

Thursday 13 February, 9.30-10.45am, Resolution Foundation offices, Westminster

A successful labour market needs to deliver on quantity and quality, creating a virtuous circle of better work and pay for everyone. The task facing policy makers is to set the rules of the labour market to make that a reality – and to ensure those rules are followed. Labour market institutions that enforce employment regulations play a crucial in determining how successful a labour market is – get them wrong and the impact can be greater job insecurity on the one hand, or lower employment on the other.

Where are the UK’s labour market rules being broken, and what impact is this having on workers? How should the government use the backdrop of record employment to pursue its ‘good work’ agenda? And what are the big labour market enforcement challenges facing the UK in the 2020s?

At an event at its Westminster offices, the Resolution Foundation hosted a speech by Matthew Taylor, the first in his new role as the government’s Director of Labour Market Enforcement, on his priorities for enforcement. A panel of experts then debated questions raised by Matthew’s speech, following by an audience Q&A.

Read Matthew’s speech in full below:

Matthew Taylor speech