Tuesday 8 October 2019

Structurally unsound

Tackling embedded social inequality in the UK

While modern Britain is a more inclusive and open society than once it was, a myriad of structural inequalities persist. These inequalities – covering race, gender, class, sexuality and health – are not always obvious, but they are embedded in our society and in our institutions in a way that fundamentally tilts the balance against too many.

Tackling inequality in the UK requires a clear understanding of these structural barriers, and an appreciation of the lived experience of inequality for different groups. Those who exist at the intersection of different forms of inequality often face disadvantage that is larger than the sum of its parts.

Over the past nine months, the Resolution Foundation and UCL have been collaborating on a project to drive forward our understanding of structural inequalities in the UK – bringing together experts with a wide range of perspectives in order to support the development of a stronger evidence base, and to forge closer links between research and policy.

To mark the culmination of this project, the Resolution Foundation held an event to highlight some of the key insights gleaned over the course of the expert roundtables and interviews.