The National Living Wage three months on – has Brexit changed the game?

Monday 11 July 2016 Jobs, Skills and Pay

Since the National Living Wage (NLW) was introduced in April, the wages of millions of low paid workers have seen a significant boost. Many more are expected to benefit as the rate increases over the course of the parliament.

But how will the economic uncertainty from the Brexit vote affect the new wage floor? Will employers take on the productivity challenge thrown up by rising labour costs and a potentially reduced pool of workers from overseas?  Will they increase prices? And will the threats of job losses and cuts to non-wage benefits materialise?

At an event at its headquarters the Resolution Foundation will present new analysis of the impact of the NLW on the labour market and how Brexit might affect the new wage floor, along with new survey data on how employers have been dealing with it, and how their plans are likely to evolve. Citizens Advice will present new research on how the higher wage floor is affecting employees. The British Retail Consortium will give an industry take on the new wage floor, while Jonathan Portes will consider the impact of Brexit on the NLW. A panel discussion and audience Q&A will follow.