Monday 23 September 2013

The future of childcare with Yvette Cooper MP

Despite major government investment since the mid-2000s childcare continues to represent a significant cost for working parents, meaning that many second earners can find that they are no better-off in work. The government is consulting on plans to spend an extra £1 billion per year on additional childcare support, but at present this additional support is skewed towards comparatively wealthier households.

At this Resolution Foundation and Mumsnet event Yvette Cooper MP (Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Minister for Women and Equality) discussed the Labour agenda for the future of childcare. Vidhya Alakeson (Resolution Foundation), Anand Shukla (Family and Childcare Trust) and Justine Roberts (Mumsnet) responded, providing insights into the potential policy responses Labour might choose to pursue. Yvonne Roberts (The Observer) chaired this event.

This event is part of a Resolution Foundation series on the future of childcare. This includes events at the Liberal Democrat party conference with Julian Astle(adviser to Nick Clegg) and at the Conservative party conference with Amber Rudd MP.