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UpcomingTuesday 21 November 2023

WorkerTech Conference

Exploring the role of technology in creating good work in the UK

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Technology is changing the world of work — from AI to app-based firms and the pandemic-induced surge in remote working. The benefits of these new technologies can often pass low-earners by, or ratchet up insecurity in their working lives. But new technologies also have the potential to improve workers’ pay, skills and career paths — if that potential can be harnessed.

To develop that potential, the Resolution Foundation has brought together leading foundations and social investors to launch the Workertech Partnership — the UK’s first-ever worker-focused innovation fund — backed by Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Ufi VocTech Trust, Friends Provident Foundation, Accenture, Trust for London, and Bethnal Green Ventures.

The Foundation is building on this partnership to host its first ever WorkerTech Conference in central London. We are bringing together over 100 founders, innovators, researchers, funders and investors to share learning and identify new paths to achieving better work in the UK. Over the course of the conference, we will explore the emerging dynamic between social impact investors and start-ups, and examine how these mission-driven organisations – in collaboration with foundations, researchers, unions and businesses – can use data and technology to benefit low-paid workers and those in precarious work.

As well as talks and panel discussions, the day will include participatory discussions on several key themes. The conference will explore:

  • The potential role (and limits) of impact investing in catalysing change in the world of work. Where does it fit and how can it complement the wider landscape of labour market policy change, effective enforcement and action via other key groups such as unions?
  • New routes to inclusive recruitment, training and skills.
  • The growth of tech-powered communities that seek to enhance worker power and choice.
  • The scope for social investment to back and help scale innovative approaches to improving work for those in low-paid or precarious jobs in the decade ahead.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided for in-person attendees. Attendance at the event is free, but capacity is limited. If tickets sell out, we will open a waiting list. No 6 is a fully accessible venue. If you face accessibility barriers to attending including cost of travel, please let us know via

Attendees can join in person, and panel sessions will be streamed to an online audience.