• Resolution Foundation

    The million dollar be-question

    Inheritances, gifts, and their implications for generational living standards

    Our 13th report for the Intergenerational Commission assesses the role that inheritances and gifts will play in addressing the generational living standards challenge that Britain faces.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Universal Remedy

    Ensuring Universal Credit is fit for purpose

    Ahead of the Autumn Budget, this report builds on the work of Resolution Foundation’s 2015 expert panel-led review of UC.

  • Resolution Foundation

    The Living Standards Audit 2017

    The latest edition of our annual living standards audit.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Changing lanes

    The impact of different post-Brexit trading policies on the cost of living

    Our report with UK Trade Policy Observatory on the potential impact of changes in the UK’s trade regime on living standards.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Work in Brexit Britain

    Reshaping the nation’s labour market

    How can business and policy makers rise to the challenges posed by Brexit?