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    World Class

    What can international evidence on quality, access and affordability in childcare teach us?

    A new Resolution Foundation report by leading childcare experts, Kitty Stewart of the LSE and Ludovica Gambaro of the Institute of Education, sets out a path for reform for the UK, offering the best ideas from abroad.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Housing pinched

    Understanding which households spend the most on housing costs

    Close to 1.6 million UK households – the housing pinched – are spending more than half their disposable income on the ongoing costs of housing each month. This report looks at who these households are.

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    Hangover Cure

    Dealing with the household debt overhang as interest rates rise

    Deconstructing the debt overhang will not be costless, but it is in everyone’s interests – borrowers, lenders, government and taxpayers alike – to adopt a pro-active measured approach rather than simply allowing it to collapse. We favour an orderly and managed dismantling of the debt overhang. This report sets out a series of recommendations for lenders, borrowers and policy-makers to make that happen.

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    All accounted for

    The case for an ‘all-worker’ earnings measure

    The measures that we use to track earnings miss out the one in seven workers who is self-employed. Given continually rising self-employment and our knowledge that their earnings have taken a big hit in recent years, this briefing estimates what our most regular measure of earnings would look like with the self-employed included.