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    Escape Plan

    Understanding who progresses from low pay and who gets stuck

    For the majority of low paid workers, their jobs do not appear to be a first rung on a ladder to meaningfully higher earnings. This new analysis replicates our previous finding that three in four people fail to escape from low pay but has also added a number of important additional insights.

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    Turning Point?

    The minimum wage in 2014 and beyond

    With the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rising on October 1st, this briefing note provides some background by setting out the evolution of the wage since its introduction in April 1999.

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    Low Pay Britain 2014

    This is our fourth annual audit of low pay in Britain. It describes in detail the scale of the problem in the latest year for which data is available (2013) and the people it affects.

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    In the balance

    Public finances in the next parliament

    Debates over public finances are set to loom large in the coming election campaign. To date, we have only very broad outlines of the preferred approaches of each of the main parties. We present indicative outcomes based on a range of reasonable interpretations of the different rules.

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