• Resolution Foundation

    The Importance of Place

    Explaining the characteristics underpinning the Brexit vote across different parts of the UK

    Analysing the EU referendum result based on the important of place, considering demographic, economic and cultural factors at a local authority level.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Stagnation Generation

    The case for renewing the intergenerational contract

    This report launches our new Intergenerational Commission.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Living Standards 2016

    Our seventh annual audit of living standards

    This report examines the experience of the downturn and recent recovery for those on low to middle incomes, as well as prospects for the remainder of the parliament.

  • Resolution Foundation

    Examining an elephant

    Globalisation and the lower middle class of the rich world

    This briefing re-examines the ‘elephant curve’ chart and how it is used to help describe what has happened in the “high globalisation” period of 1988-2008.