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Squeezed Britain 2013

Date: 13 February 2013
  • Squeezed Britain 2013
  • Yvonne Roberts
  • Sir Richard Lambert
  • Squeezed Britain 2013 event
  • Gillian Guy
  • Squeezed Britain 2013 Event
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Squeezed Britain 2013

Wednesday 13th February
9.30am to 11am
Tea and Coffee from 9am
Resolution Foundation, 23 Savile Row, London W1S 2ET

In one of its biggest events of the year, the Resolution Foundation launches Squeezed Britain, an authoritative and insightful study of life on low to middle incomes.  The survey examines in depth the economic circumstances and financial pressures of the 10 million Britons who fall into this category and crystallises the essential themes of the Resolution Foundation’s work.

Matthew Whittaker, the Resolution Foundation’s Senior Economist, will present the key findings of the annual audit – on incomes, work, housing and household finance – and its analysis of the economic obstacles that stand in the way of a rise in living standards.

In response to the study, Gillian Guy of Citizens Advice, former Director of the CBI Sir Richard Lambert, and Ben Page of Ipsos MORI will discuss the current effects of the squeeze on British society and what they mean for the country’s future. This event will be chaired by Yvonne Roberts, Chief Leader Writer at The Observer.

Matthew Whittaker – Senior Economist, Resolution Foundation - (Download slides)
Gillian Guy – Chief Executive, Citizens Advice
Sir Richard Lambert – Chancellor, University of Warwick and former Director of the CBI
Ben Page – Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI - (Download slides)

Yvonne Roberts - Chief Leader Writer, The Observer

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We will be live-tweeting this event at #SqueezedBritain

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