Resolution Ventures invests in CareerEar


We’re delighted to announce that Resolution Ventures has made an investment in CareerEar as part of the Workertech Partnership. The Workertech Partnership is backing a new wave of innovators who will harness technology to improve the pay, prospects, power, and progression of low-paid workers.

CareerEar is an online platform helping career-seekers from underserved groups to make career choices and prepare for the future of work. By integrating multiple labour market data sets and skills frameworks, CareerEar provides personalised advice to career seekers on suitable career paths, and suggests live jobs or training opportunities to apply for. Users are also able to use the platform to connect with professionals through community questions and answers to help them make career choices.

It is well documented that diverse teams lead to high performing organisations. Despite this the ethnicity pay gap still exists, and is at its highest in London at 23.8 per cent. CareerEar gives career seekers from underserved groups access to higher paying roles, and gives employers an opportunity to tackle the issue of workplace diversity by providing them with a pool of motivated candidates.

CareerEar joins our Workertech portfolio as the first venture to directly address careers advice for job seekers from communities that are underrepresented in higher paying sectors. This is an important issue for the Workertech Partnership in our mission to improve the world of work for those in low-paid or precarious work.

The Resolution Foundation’s Low Pay Britain 2021 report found that 19 per cent of ethnic minority employees were in low-paid work, with over a quarter of that group on insecure contracts. Our earlier research also found that disadvantaged groups will be particularly susceptible to long-term pay scarring from the labour market changes we have seen as a result of the pandemic. CareerEar can guide these career seekers into more secure, better paid jobs.

While supporting individuals into prosperous career paths is vital, we’re also excited about the wider system change that CareerEar is seeking to make. At scale, CareerEar can create more diverse workforces, provide role models for career seekers from underserved communities, and demonstrate how technology and data science can be harnessed to improve the world of work for low-paid and precarious workers.

Claudine Adeyemi, CEO and Co-Founder says:

“We’re excited to have the backing of Resolution Ventures as long-standing thought leaders in this space. We are on a mission to democratise access to advice, guidance and opportunities for individuals so that we in turn help to fill the skills gaps that employers face as they build out more diverse workforces.”

We believe that co-founders Claudine Adeyemi and Precious Ene make a great founding team to tackle this problem, and we’re excited to join CareerEar on their journey to improving work for underserved communities in the UK.