WorkerTech newsletter: September 2023

The latest update from Resolution Ventures


It’s been a busy summer here at Resolution Ventures. We’ve been pleased to complete four investments (more on those below and next month), and are looking forward to our first-ever Workertech conference in November.

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Director of Ventures
Resolution Foundation

In 2020 the Resolution Foundation brought together leading foundations and social investors to launch the Workertech Partnership — the UK’s first-ever worker-focused innovation fund — backed by Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Ufi VocTech Trust, Friends Provident Foundation, Accenture UK, Trust for London, and Bethnal Green Ventures.

The Foundation is building on this partnership to host its first ever WorkerTech Conference in central London. We are bringing together over 100 founders, innovators, researchers, funders and investors to share learning and identify new paths to achieving better work in the UK.

We’re excited to have some brilliant speakers confirmed, including Sherry Coutu CBE, angel investor and Chair of Superpower, and Sarah O’Connor, columnist at the Financial Times.

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Resolution Ventures’ invests in Mobilise

We’re delighted to welcome Mobilise to Resolution Ventures’ investment portfolio as part of the Workertech Partnership.

Mobilise is a community platform for unpaid carers where they can access support and advice, join a community of other carers and build resilience through coaching. Mobilise’s mission is to help carers thrive, a large part of which is supporting them to remain in or return to the labour market.

Recent research from the Health Foundation found that 40% of carers under retirement age are not working as much as they would do, and carers providing more than 20 hours a week of care are more likely to live in low-income households than non-carers. This presents a big problem for low-income carers.

Mobilise creates a safe space for these carers to meet others, seek guidance and advice, and access coaching. Mobilise is also addressing the wider issue of carer recognition at work. Through their thought leadership, they are raising awareness of the number of people who are doing unpaid care. Influencing government and employers to recognise the importance of this group for both health care services and productivity is a key challenge for Mobilise.

We’re excited to be backing co-founders James Townsend and Suzanne Bourne, and to bring our internal knowledge on low-income caring workers to the table. We’re also delighted to be co-investing alongside Ufi Ventures and a group of brilliant angel investors.

Latest insights from the Resolution Foundation

Putting good work on the table
This report from the Economy 2030 Inquiry proposes key reforms to labour market institutions in the UK to improve pay and conditions. Among the recommendations are a proposal for Good Work Agreements to improve standards in specific sectors, including social care, warehousing and cleaning.

Creating a Good Jobs Economy in the UK
This report by Dani Rodrik, Vidi Doshi and Huw Spencer reviews how a Good Jobs Economy, previously described by Professor Rodrik for the US, could be implemented in the UK. Watch here to see Dani Rodrik’s lecture discussing the paper at our event.

From safety net to springboard
This paper proposes an amended unemployment insurance scheme that could protect living standards and boost economic growth, building on examples from other countries such as Denmark.

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