Intergenerational Centre

Monday 21 June 2021

Boomers and boomerangs

The past and pandemic present of multi-generational living

The Covid-19 pandemic has had huge impacts on young people. Many have been furloughed, while others have lost their job or been unable to find one in the first place. And everyone has heard stories about how coping with these difficulties has seen many young people return to live with their parents. So-called ‘boomerangs’, opting to live with relatives after studying, are seeking to reduce their costs – either to deal with tough times today, or build up savings for their future.

How big a rise in young adults living with their parents have we seen during the pandemic? To what extent is this a continuation of a trend that was growing pre-crisis? What are the benefits and drawbacks of multi-generational living, for young workers and older parents? And what are the policy implications of young people being unable to afford to fly the nest?

The Resolution Foundation’s Intergenerational Centre – funded by the Nuffield Foundation – is hosting an interactive webinar to discuss and answer these questions. Following a presentation of the key findings from new Resolution Foundation research, leading experts will explore the trend and consequences of young people returning to live with their parents, and how housing can be made more affordable for young people.