Capital gains? Taking on London’s living standards challenge

Thursday 7 January 2016 Incomes and Inequality

Keynote speech by Sadiq Khan, Labour candidate for London Mayor

The new National Living Wage is set to transform low pay across Britain. But it will have far less impact in the capital where a far lower proportion of workers earn the legal minimum.

Should London have a different approach to tackling low pay, and should efforts be focused on spreading the reach of the London living wage?

And how much of a priority should tackling low wages be in a city where the cost of housing often has a far bigger impact on people’s living standards than the size of their pay rise?

At an event at its headquarters in central London, the Resolution Foundation presented an outline of London’s low pay landscape. Sadiq Khan delivered a keynote speech on his approach to living standards, before taking part in a panel discussion and a Q&A.