Tuesday 17 July 2018

For richer, for poorer? Inequality highs and lows across rich economies

Book launch for Inequality and Inclusive Growth across Rich Countries

Inequality is now a central focus of political and economic debates across rich countries. But while there are common trends that are well known, countries across the West each have their own experience of inequality over the last 40 years. Understanding how patterns of inequality and inclusive growth have differed widely across rich countries is crucial to recognising the role for policy choices in shaping those outcomes.

What explains the drivers of inequality across rich nations? Is it always true that low and middle income households have missed out on the gains from economic growth? And to what extent can these issues be tackled at local, national, or trans-national level?

The Resolution Foundation hosted an event at its Westminster headquarters to debate these issues with the launch of a new book Inequality and Inclusive Growth in Rich Countries. Editor Brian Nolan and leading global economist Catherine Mann gave their takes on global inequality trends, with the Resolution Foundation providing a UK perspective, before taking part in an audience Q&A.