Thursday 1 March 2007

Personal accounts and generic advice

The Resolution Foundation hosted an expert policy workshop to discuss what form generic advice might take in the context of personal accounts and began to develop some “advice protocols” for delivery and content.

The following areas were addressed: ­

  • How personalised could and should generic advice be in the context of personal accounts?
  • Presentation: how should we deliver generic advice to help people navigate their personal accounts decisions? ­
  • Content: what should the advice include? ­
  • How should we express the concept of uncertainty?

The workshop concluded that it was impossible to separate the content of advice regarding personal accounts from the way it needed to be delivered and the greatest challenge in delivering advice will be expressing the level of uncertainty that is associated with many personal accounts. It was felt that further work was needed to explore exactly what advice might look like in dealing with a realistic situation and some form of script would be extremely valuable. This script would be able to map out exactly what advice should be given in different circumstances and what form of words would be most successful in expressing uncertainty in a clear and simple way.