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Welcome to Ventures

Resolution Ventures exists to back innovative start-ups seeking to change the world of work for the better and early-stage ventures seeking to improve the prospects of low-to-middle income Britain.

Our WorkerTech programme ran in partnership with Bethnal Green Ventures and Accenture from 2017 to 2019. This programme backed a new generation of civic ventures that use technology to support low-wage and insecure workers. We are planning a new, more ambitious WorkerTech programme to launch later in 2020 that builds on our success to date.

About Ventures

We're backing social entrepreneurs who help advance our mission

The Resolution Foundation’s mission is to improve the living standards of families in the UK on low-to-middle incomes. The primary way we have gone about that is through our original research and rigorous economic analysis. But we now complementing this with action: directly backing innovative start-ups seeking to change the world of work for the better.

An important area for us is improving the world of work. Minimum standards set by government – backed up by strong enforcement – are vital. But improving the working lives of low-paid workers in the UK has to be about more than what the state can do. We believe that there’s a role for social enterprises to support and empower workers too; and we are getting behind small-scale ventures with big growth potential in this space.

WorkerTech programme

Technology, used in the right way, can be a force for good

Currently, tech is being used to transform work and management in a range of ways –  but too often this means a more controlled, fragmented and insecure workforce. Yet new approaches that use tech to increase support for workers are possible – whether by increasing their bargaining power, boosting pay, extending training opportunities, or reducing hours-insecurity. Our WorkerTech programme, in partnership with Bethnal Green Ventures and Accenture, has backed a new generation of civic ventures that use technology to support those in low-paid or insecure work.

We will be looking to back more ventures in the months and years ahead to follow in the footsteps of our existing portfolio (see below). If you would like to know more, please sign up to our newsletter.

Connecting communities


is an app that connects workers, allowing them to discover and share which jobs are good and which are bad. It empowers workers to use their voice for industry-wide change and gives them choices and control they didn’t have before. Visit website



Over the last eight years Indycube has worked to provide freelancers, micro-businesses, remote workers, and the self-employed with co-working spaces in which to work, so that they can live and thrive in their communities. Visit website

Building trust and skills



Tendo provides greater certainty in frontline work. At the end of week, Tendo generates a record with a proof of hours worked and skills demonstrated for an employee. This information is then verified by both the employee and their manager, ensuring its accuracy and trustworthiness. Visit website

Upskill me

Upskill Me
are on a mission to help people develop the 21st-century skills needed to thrive. Upskill allows young people to earn points towards digital-skills badges and showcase their achievements, helping them to develop life skills that will set them apart for their future careers. Visit website 

Better data and better deals



With Workerbird, workers collect their own data, on their own terms and for their own benefit. Helping people to track shifts, travel time, breaks and pay, as well as providing advice and support if needed. Visit website




Breakroom is the people-powered job comparison site for hourly work. It helps workers compare their jobs to find out if they’re getting a good deal at work. Visit website


Transforming working lives



There are over 7 million people in the UK who can’t work enough hours as they cannot find work that fits around their current commitments. Labour Xchange enables businesses to utilise these people’s free time, giving them the best staff when required and supporting the underemployed, parents and carers to bring in additional income that fits in with their lives. Visit website



Every day people use Organise to transform their working lives — directly inside their workplaces and through campaigning nationally. There are now over 78,000 workers taking action with Organise. Visit website

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