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Launched in 2020, the Workertech Partnership is the UK’s first social investment fund focused on low-paid work. We aim to invest in purpose-driven entrepreneurs, applying technology and data to improve aspects of low-paid and precarious work, an area of innovation being largely neglected by both large institutions and mainstream venture investors.

In the course of the last three years, we have invested in new companies, supported their impact journeys, built up a supportive ecosystem, published research and created events, which together have created an emerging and exciting Workertech community in the UK.

Explore our Ventures portfolio below.

Workertech ventures


CEO & Founder


CPO & Founder


CTO & Founder

Breakroom | People-powered jobs comparison site for hourly work

"Breakroom is a people-powered jobs comparison site for hourly work. It helps workers compare jobs to find out if they’re getting a good deal at work, and apply for new ones. Improving information that hourly workers have about their jobs can lead to a better experience of work for the individual, and driving up standards in hourly paid work through competition for workers. Around 20,000 people complete a Breakroom quiz every month, and they have rated more than 700k jobs and 4,800 employers so far."





Earlybird | Voice-centric onboarding software

"Earlybird is a voice-centric onboarding software which enables employability and skills providers to support customers to overcome barriers, get into work or upskill much faster. Earlybird makes advisers more effective and efficient, improving outcomes for job seekers. Earlybird has been awarded Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation funding, and was selected for the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund 2023."





Equal Care | Better care outcomes and working conditions for carers

"Equal Care is a platform co-operative, helping to promote better care outcomes and working conditions for carers. By using a digital platform they provide an alternative care model centred around bringing family, community, and carers together to provide the most effective form of care. Empowered by greater control and choice, these care teams can do what’s best for everyone involved. Equal Care is working with 50 carers in Yorkshire, and piloting their approach in London with support from the London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI)."



Ikigai Data | Using data science to inspire and guide young people

"Ikigai uses data science to inspire, educate and guide young people’s decision-making towards high-growth career pathways that feel hand-picked for them. Their data-driven approach supports a better match between young people and future careers, improving lifetime earnings and quality of life."


CEO & Founder


Head of Carer Support


Chief Operating Officer

Mobilise | Community platform for unpaid carers

"Mobilise is a community platform for unpaid carers where they can access support and advice. Mobilise aims to help carers thrive, a large part of which is supporting them to remain in, or return to, the labour market. Working with 28 local authorities, Mobilise has worked with 22,000 carers to date."



Slinger | Shifts for hospitality workers at a time and place that suits them

"Slinger is a platform for hospitality workers to find shifts at a time and place that suits them, and that guarantee to pay at least the real London Living Wage. The platform is live with 450 businesses and 3000 workers, and Slinger was selected for the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund 2023."





TaskHer | Addressing the gender imbalance in the trades industry

"TaskHer is an online platform for users to find, book and pay experienced tradeswomen, addressing the gender imbalance in the trades industry. TaskHer has brought on more than 30 tradeswomen in London, and served more than 500 customers to date."



Valla | Legal platform for workers in the UK

"Valla is a legal tech platform which offers legal support at low cost to people who have experienced workplace violations, helping people to stand up for their rights at work. The Valla platform helps people to manage their case, and work with advisers. More than 300 people sign up to Valla every month."





Organise | Giving workers the tools to campaign for change at work

"Organise is a platform that gives workers the tools, network and confidence to campaign for change at work via worker-led actions, petitions, open letters and forums. Organise has had high-profile success with campaigns at employers such as Amazon, Waterstones and Ted Baker. 1.5 million users are registered and more than 300,000 users engage with the platform on a weekly basis."





RECIt | Comparison platform for job seekers and hiring managers

"A comparison platform for job seekers and hiring managers ultimately improving the quality of recruitment services provided to job seekers."





Talia | Closing the gender pension gap

"The average woman in the UK retires with a pension ‘salary’ lower than the minimum recommended by the industry body suggesting that they can easily become vulnerable at older age. Talia is targeting small behavioural changes (e.g., saving an additional £55 per month) that can close the gender pension gap."

Curo | Support for people juggling work and care

"Curo provided support to people juggling work and care, enabling them to stay in work. They supported 50 employees through a paid partnership with a manufacturing business, and built an online community of 200. Curo decided to close down in June 2022."

Worker Feedback Club | Making construction sites safer

"By improving communication on site, Worker Feedback Club aimed to make construction sites safer, and improve worker engagement and satisfaction. It managed to secure paid pilots with two large contractors over three construction sites. However, the business stalled due to limited access to sites during Covid, as well as long sales cycles and challenging sales dynamics in the construction industry."

Pilot ventures

Upskill me

Upskill Me are on a mission to help people develop the 21st-century skills needed to thrive. Upskill allows young people to earn points towards digital-skills badges and showcase their achievements, helping them to develop life skills that will set them apart for their future careers.

Upskill me

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Labour Xchange

There are over 7 million people in the UK who can’t work enough hours as they cannot find work that fits around their current commitments. Labour Xchange enables businesses to utilise these people’s free time, giving them the best staff when required and supporting the underemployed, parents and carers to bring in additional income that fits in with their lives.


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Over the last eight years Indycube has worked to provide freelancers, micro-businesses, remote workers and the self-employed with co-working spaces in which to work, so that they can live and thrive in their communities.

Indycube logo

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Tendo provides greater certainty in frontline work. At the end of week, Tendo generates a record with a proof of hours worked and skills demonstrated for an employee. This information is then verified by both the employee and their manager, ensuring its accuracy and trustworthiness.


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