An intergenerational audit for the UK


Our fourth Intergenerational Audit – part of the ESRC-funded Connecting Generations partnership – provides an analysis of economic living standards across generations in Britain. In so doing, it analyses the latest data across four domains: 

  • Household incomes and costs; 
  • Jobs, skills and pay; 
  • Wealth and assets; and 
  • Housing costs and security. 

In each of these domains, we assess how different people of different ages and birth cohorts have fared at different stages of their lives. Although much of our Intergenerational Centre’s work focuses on changes and differences between generations over the longer term, this year’s Audit also zeros in on shorter-term changes: analysing how the cost of living crisis has to date and will continue to be experienced by different age groups. 

Overall, we find that the cost of living crisis is likely to have profound, but varying, impacts across different age groups and generations.