An open memo to the next government: improving outcomes for low earners

Published on Incomes and Inequality

This memo sets out five priorities and proposes some long-term goals as well as immediate action we would like the new Government to take.

The memo calls for:

  • A recovery that is fair for all. In particular, careful scrutiny to ensure that cuts do not fall disproportionately on low earners
  • A focus on building financial health. The new Coalition Government must take action, both directly and via the mixed economy, to build the financial health of low earning households. This will require the active engagement of mainstream banks and lenders as well as third sector organisations working in this field
  • A housing policy that is realistic for all. The new government should ensure low earners have genuine choice between different tenures, in order to maximise their chances of accessing the best possible housing for their needs
  • An inclusive industrial strategy for the 21st century that does not leave low-paid and low-skilled workers behind, particularly those who are currently in declining industries
  • A welfare system that reflects modern life. In particular, the new Coalition Government should conduct a fundamental review of the policy goals and delivery mechanisms for in-work support to low income households. This review must cover not only benefits and tax credits, but also the tax system itself