Monday 28 October 2019

Ageing fast, ageing slow

When Britain’s geography and demography collide

Britain is getting older. Life expectancy is rising and, with Britain’s large post-war baby boomer generation now moving into retirement, a growing proportion of our population are pensioners. But not all parts of Britain are ageing at the same pace, and some are actually getting younger. These major demographic differences between places are profoundly important for our politics and policy – but generally ignored.

What is the pace of demographic change throughout Britain, and how does it vary by place? What are the implications of this collision between Britain’s demography and geography for our politics, economics and society? And how should policymakers respond to these issues?

At an event at its Westminster headquarters, as part of its Intergenerational Centre, the Resolution Foundation presented new research on the drivers of demographic change in places across Britain. This was followed by a discussion with a panel of leading experts in the field and an audience Q&A.