Wednesday 15 December 2021

Crunch time

The causes and consequences of Britain’s cost of living squeeze

A faster than expected economic recovery has evolved into an entirely unexpected cost of living squeeze. Energy bills surges, and hot competition for second hand cars or even Christmas presents, means that household bills are rising more swiftly than workers’ pay packets. Policy matters too, with some families seeing benefit cuts this Autumn, while others face taxes rises in April. In a week when we get crucial data on inflation, and a decision on interest rates, the causes and consequences of Britain’s ongoing cost of living squeeze will be on everyone’s minds.

What is driving inflation in the UK, and what are prospects for the months ahead? How has, and will, policy ease or exacerbate the squeeze? What difference will an interest rate rise make? And, crucially, how are families coping with the impact of rapidly rising prices, and what can be done to help them through the tough months ahead?

The Resolution Foundation and Citizens Advice are co-hosting an interactive webinar to debate and answer these questions. Following short presentations on the cause and effect of the financial pressures families are currently facing, we will hear from leading experts on how Britain’s cost of living crunch might evolve and what, if anything, policy can do to ease these pressures.