Thursday 19 September 2019

Dealing with ‘No Deal’

What should the Chancellor and Governor do?

The new government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it clear that they want to leave the EU with a deal, and a smooth transition. But they have also made it clear that they are prepared on leave without one, even if that leads to a major economic shock.

Across Whitehall, preparations for ‘No Deal’ are now dominating, from maintaining medical supplies to bolstering border controls. But the Treasury and the Bank of England also need to prepare a macroeconomic response to a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

What impact might a ‘No Deal’ Brexit have on the UK economy? What is the nature and scale of the response that is needed? And what balance should be struck in terms of fiscal and monetary policy?

The Resolution Foundation is hosting an event at its Westminster headquarters to debate these questions. In addition to publishing a briefing note on what kind of responses the Treasury and Bank of England could consider, we will hear from leading economists on how they think policy makers should respond. An audience Q&A will follow.