Tackling Britain’s care crisis: What would a cross-party, long-term plan look like?

Thursday 11 July 2019 Intergenerational Centre

Thursday 11 July, 9.30-10.45am, Resolution Foundation offices, Westminster

There is now clear cross-party consensus that social care provision across Britain needs urgent reform. But a cross-party consensus on what that reform might look like, let alone how it would be funded, remains frustratingly out from reach.
With numerous reviews of social care having been delayed or discarded over the last decade, how can we push forward a sustainable solution to Britain’s care crisis? And with the system requiring significantly more investment to cope with rising longevity and an ageing population, what would be the fairest way to fund this investment?
To debate and answer these questions, the Resolution Foundation held an event at its Westminster offices for its new Intergenerational Centre. The event brought together leading experts on social care from the main political parties for a frank discussion on how to forge a new cross-party, long-term solution to our care crisis, and was followed by an audience Q&A.



  • Damian Green MP, former Deputy Prime Minister
  • Liz Kendall MP, former Shadow Minister for Care
  • Norman Lamb MP, former Minister for Care
  • David Willetts, President of the Intergenerational Centre (Chair)