Monday 24 May 2021

The Covid Recovery

Overcoming the Economic Challenges

The Covid-19 pandemic is far from over. But the roll-out of vaccines across the world holds out the promise that the Covid recovery, while not assured, is in sight. Due to the nature and scale of the crisis – which has upended everything from household working trends to government deficits – this means the Covid recovery will be like no other. There will be major economic challenges to overcome.

The Resolution Foundation and the Money, Macro and Finance Society are co-hosting a series of webinars to dive into the big economic challenges we face in making a success of the Covid recovery. Internationally renowned economists and policymakers will discuss those challenges – from the big structural shifts that the pandemic has caused, to how we can drive a jobs and productivity rich recovery.

The three webinars – each focusing on a specific challenge – will include a keynote presentation and an opportunity for viewers to submit questions to the panel before and during the event. Further details about each webinar are included in the registration links below.


Powering ahead: Raising our productivity game post-pandemic

Wednesday 26 May, 11am-12.15pm

  • Chair: Paul Mizen, Professor of Economics, University of Nottingham and MMF
  • Speakers: Diane Coyle (Cambridge) and John Van Reenen (LSE). Watch here.


Building back better: Structural change in post-pandemic economies

Thursday 27 May, 2-3.15pm

  • Chair: Torsten Bell, Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation
  • Speakers: Raghuram Rajan (Chicago Booth) and Jan Eberly (Northwestern). Watch here.


Returning to centre stage: Fiscal policy in the recovery

Tuesday 1 June, 2:30-3.45pm

  • Chair: Simon Price, Professor of Finance, University of Essex and MMF
  • Speakers: Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia) and Elga Bartsch (BlackRock). Watch here.