Wednesday 20 July 2022

Whose wealth boom?

Assessing the UK’s changing wealth gaps

Britain has experienced a wealth surge in recent decades even as household incomes have stagnated. Wealth really matters in both good times and tough times – from young families buying their first home, to drawing on savings in the face of rising energy bills. But not everyone has shared in Britain’s wealth boom, and understanding the wealth gaps that exist across the country are important as people’s financial resilience is tested over the coming months.

How has wealth inequality changed over recent decades? What has that meant for different groups and parts of the UK? What role does negative wealth – debt – play? And what do these findings mean for households’ living standards and policy makers’ decisions?

To mark the launch of its annual Wealth Audit, in partnership with the abrdn Financial Fairness Trust, the Resolution Foundation is hosting an in-person and interactive webinar to debate and answer these questions. Following a presentation of the report’s key highlights, we will hear from leading experts on what these findings tell us about the state of wealth inequality and debt in modern Britain, and discuss what these trends mean for living standards.

The event will be open for people to physically attend, alongside being broadcast via YouTube and the Resolution Foundation website. Viewers will be able to submit questions to the panel before and during the event via Slido.