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Housing outlook

Interactive data dashboard

The Housing Outlook contains twelve interactive charts which indicate market trends, housing’s impact on living standards and housing policy developments. Where possible, we present regional breakdowns to improve understanding of how trends play out differently across the country. All data can be downloaded, and are updated each quarter along with the publication of the Housing Outlook.


Housing Outlook Q3 2020

House prices in recessions

Welcome to Housing Outlook Q3 2020. In this edition we examine how house prices have behaved in previous recessions, and look set to adjust to the coronavirus crisis. While some might see anticipated house price falls as a potential opportunity for young people to get onto the housing ladder, the Office for Budget Responsibility’s house price scenarios suggest otherwise. We show that the average first-time buyer is in no stronger a position today than before the crisis: house prices may be set to tumble, but so too are incomes, while tighter credit conditions could limit options further. Moreover, the recently...

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The health of the housing market effects – and reflects – the health of the economy as a whole. This basket of indicators contains national and regional trends in house price and rental price growth; housing sales and mortgage approvals. We also provide a timely estimate of house price growth, one month ahead of official data. View topic
Housing matters for family living standards in the here and now, and in the future. Here we provide national and regional indicators tracking housing tenure; the number of families with children living in the private rented sector; day-to-day housing costs and the years needed to save for a typical deposit. View topic
Governments and politicians can have a big effect on housing, for good and for ill. In this basket of indicators we track housing supply, housing stock relative to the number of families; housing benefit coverage and Help to Buy sales – tracking trends at the national and regional level. View topic
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