Low Pay Britain 2013

Economic downturn has pushed a further 1.4 million employees below the Living Wage – the rate deemed necessary for a basic standard of living. Low Pay Britain 2013 shows that 4.8 million Britons (20 per cent of all employees) earn below the Living Wage – a leap from 3.4 million (14 per cent) in 2009 – at the height of the recession.

The Living Wage was calculated at £7.20 outside London and £8.30 in the capital for the period covered by the report – April 2012 – the most recent full figures available. Since then the Living Wage has risen to £7.45 an hour outside London and £8.55 in the capital.The report provides a comprehensive breakdown of the extent of sub-Living Wage pay and low pay more generally among the country’s 25 million employees, including by age, gender, sector and region.