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Matthew Whittaker

Deputy Chief Executive

Matt is Deputy Chief Executive at the Resolution Foundation think tank. He joined in 2008 and took a lead role in developing the Foundation’s growing research focus on living standards among low to middle income households. He now manages the organisation’s research output, covering a broad range of topics including the labour market, the tax and benefit system, housing, consumer debt, public finances and monetary policy. He is also chair of the Intergenerational Commission’s Technical Panel. He has published more than 50 reports for the Foundation and is a regular media commentator. He serves on many working groups on issues relating to living standards and is a member of the National Statistician’s Advisory Panel for Consumer Price Statistics. He joined the Foundation from the House of Commons Library, where he provided economic and statistical advice to individual Members and to a number of select committees. In 2009 he received a ‘Mentor of the Year’ award from the National Mentoring Consortium. He received the Clayton Award in Economics when he graduated from Sheffield University.

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