The squeezed middle: The pressure on ordinary workers in America and Britain

Published on Incomes and Inequality

As wages stagnate but living costs keep rising, the pressure on working people grows more intense. The issue of living standards has become one of the most urgent challenges for politicians in both Britain and America. ‘The squeezed middle’ brings together experts from both sides of the Atlantic to ask what the UK can learn from the US. American workers have not benefited from growth for an entire generation – the average American worker earned no more in 2009 than in 1975.

Now British workers are undergoing a similar experience. No longer can they assume that when the economy grows their wages will grow with it. This collection brings together for the first time leading economic and policy thinkers to analyse the impact of different policies on those on low-to middle incomes and to explain what lessons the UK can learn from America’s ‘lost generation’. This timely book is essential reading for everyone concerned about the living standards crisis, an issue which could decide elections as well as shaping the future for millions of working families.

“This timely book provides incisive analysis from leading scholars of a key issue of contemporary politics on both sides of the Atlantic. It explores why middle incomes have stagnated and discusses what might be done about it. If you read one political book this year you should read this one.” Andrew Gamble, Professor of Politics, University of Cambridge

Read a review of The Squeezed Middle by Salvatore Babones, an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) in Washington, DC.

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