Submission: Resolution Foundation response to HMT consultation, ‘Investment in the UK private rented sector’

Published on Housing, Wealth and Debt

This briefing sets out our response to Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) consultation on addressing barriers to investment in the private rented sector (PRS). It explains that we welcome the consultation: the PRS which has, until recently, received little attention from the policy or research world, plays an important role in particular for low earning households, who are squeezed when it comes to housing choices. 

The key points of the response are as follows:

  • We urge the Government not to overlook the needs and experiences of low earning tenants when developing policy on the sector
  • In looking at measures to increase investment in the PRS we support HMT’s approach of looking at barriers to investment across the scale, from individuals to institutions
  • We recommend that HMT consider affordable PRS accommodation within a wider strategy of investment in affordable accommodation of all tenures
  • This response includes
    a) what we currently know about the low earner segment of the PRS and
    b) investment in the affordable housing market