Thursday 10 February 2022

Pressure points

Why the state is getting bigger and what we do about it

The UK that exits the pandemic has a bigger state than the one that went into it. The 2020s will bring further pressure for the state to grow or our tax revenues to shrink, including from our ageing society and net zero ambitions. But previous approaches to responding to such pressure – from shrinking the military to further tax rises on workers – may not be available as they once were.

What are the big forces driving change in the size and shape of the state in the decade ahead? How has the country responded to such shifts before? What choices does the Treasury have in managing fiscal headwinds and tailwinds this time? What does this mean for those relying on public services and taxpayers?

The Resolution Foundation is hosting an in-person and interactive webinar – as part of The Economy 2030 Inquiry, funded by the Nuffield Foundation – to debate and answer these questions. Following a presentation of the key highlights from new Resolution Foundation on the pressures facing the public finances during the coming decade of change we will hear from leading experts on this issue, including former Chancellor Alistair Darling.

The event will be broadcast via YouTube and the Resolution Foundation website. Viewers will be able to submit questions to the panel before and during the event via Slido.