Radicalism not rabbits? How should the Chancellor approach his last ever Spring Budget

Tuesday 28 February 2017 Public Finances and the Economy

The Chancellor is approaching his first, and last, Spring Budget with little having changed in the three months since his Autumn Statement. What the Chancellor says may take precedence over what the Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts – a rare event in recent years.

Should the Chancellor use the relatively stable outlook to deliver a rare gimmick-free Budget as Britain adapts to a future outside the EU? Or is now the time to embark on some long overdue radical reforms? What are the big challenges he should be charting a course to address in the years ahead?

At an event at Central Hall Westminster, the Resolution Foundation presented its pre-Budget outlook for the public finances, economy and living standards. A panel of experts then debated how they think the Chancellor should approach his last ever Spring Budget. An audience Q&A followed.