Roundtable Discussion on Housing

Friday 15 April 2011 Housing, Wealth and Debt

The Resolution Foundation held a roundtable discussion, in partnership with the London Development Agency, to consider the role Local Authorities can play in supporting the housing needs of low-to-middle earners via build-to-let development.

The Resolution Foundation recently published a briefing paper outlining the housing needs of low-to-middle earners and the possible contribution of institutional investment in the private rental sector. With the private rented sector expected to increase to 20 per cent of housing stock by 2020, institutional investment in family friendly build-to-let accommodation with affordable rents is needed to meet this scale of demand and to deliver new homes.

This roundtable brought together local authorities, central government representatives and other experts to discuss the levers and barriers to supporting build-to-let development, considering issues such as public land and Section 106 agreements.