2015 – The living standards election?

Published on Public Finances and the Economy

The electorate is broadly split over whether, come the next general election, it will still be possible for the government of the day to ensure steadily rising living standards. This analysis, ‘2015- the living standards election?’, gives a unique insight into what voters think that politicians can – and can’t – promise to achieve at the next election. 

  • The research carried out for the Resolution Foundation by YouGov shows that exactly half the public think that, with the right policies, overall economic growth should still result in rising family living standards. However a large minority (35 per cent) think this is now beyond the ability of governments to achieve and the most they can be expected to secure is a stable economy and sound public finances.
  • The report considers the specific measures that the public think would make a difference to their living standards, and examines how much confidence the public has that the government of the day would have the power to bring about these changes.
  • The polling also sheds light on public attitudes towards the crucial interlocking issues of prudent management of the public finances and the promotion of economic growth – and possible trade-offs between them – issues that will dominate the political agenda all the way to the next election and beyond.