Political parties and elections

Tuesday 17 September 2019

How to train your Prime Minister

What can the last nine leaders teach us?

Being the UK Prime Minister is the ultimate job for those who want to change our country. But it takes a very special set of talents and circumstances to reach that position – and a whole other set of talents to make a success of it.

What set of qualities are needed to become a successful Prime Minister? And what lessons can we learn from the records of the past nine Prime Ministers to assess the decision making of the current, and future, leaders of this country?

Using unprecedented interview access and over two decades of experience in Westminster, political columnist and author Steve Richards has just published a new book on UK Prime Ministers over the past 50 years. At an event at its Westminster offices, Resolution Foundation Chief Executive Torsten discussed the book with Steve and Civil Exchange Director Caroline Slocock, before taking part in a wider discussion and audience Q&A about the leadership qualities of UK Prime Ministers past, present and (possibly) future.