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Time use

How people spend their time is an important component of how they view their living standards, with the aim that growing productivity ultimately delivers more time for leisure and other non-work activities. Our work explores how people’s working time – and their time outside of paid work – is evolving, and how this varies across different groups in society.


George Bangham

Research and Policy Analyst
T: 0203 372 2950

Maja Gustafsson

T: 0203 372 2960

The times they aren’t a-changin’

Why working hours have stopped falling in London and the UK


For the typical British adult, paid work takes up more time than any other activity save sleep. How many hours someone works per week is important both for their family’s…
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All aboard the Millennial Express – longer commutes for less pay


The ONS serve to uplift and depress analysts like me in equal measure. And today they served up the latter, with new figures showing that the number of people commuting…
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One billion hours: what’s happening to the working week?


Towards the end of 2015 the jobs market passed an important-sounding milestone – we now work more than one billion hours each week. This has been wholly driven by strong…
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