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steve webb

Today’s workers, tomorrow’s retirement problem

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Welfare & Tax Reform

The proportion of people saving into a workplace pension is rising again after decades of decline. But too few people are saving enough for an adequate retirement income. How can people be persuaded to save not spend when wages are already stretched? Are there cheaper, fairer alternatives to the £35bn spent on pension tax relief? … Continued


christine whitehead list

The home stretch – coping with high housing costs

Monday 8 December 2014


Buying or renting a home in many parts of the country is a financial challenge for families on modest incomes. How then do these families continue to live in some of the most expensive parts of the country? What coping strategies can make the seemingly unaffordable financially possible, at what personal cost to the families … Continued


Tim Montgomerie list

Tax cuts in tough times – who really gains?

Monday 1 December 2014

Welfare & Tax Reform

The three main political parties have all pledged to cut taxes with the stated aim of helping low and middle income households in the next parliament. But who really benefits from these policies and how much will they cost? The Resolution Foundation presented new analysis of the distribution of gains under the different parties’ approaches, and … Continued


melanie baker list view

A Parliament of pain? – The fiscal choices beyond 2015 and the implications for cuts, taxes, investment and debt

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Fiscal Choices

With roughly half of the fiscal consolidation still to come, the state of the public finances will remain a defining theme of the next parliament. Beyond the first year of the next parliament there is little clarity as to how fiscal balance will be restored. However, the emerging positions from each of the main political … Continued



Escaping low pay: how to break away from in-work poverty

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Wages & Income

Low pay and social mobility are recognised as serious problems across the political spectrum, yet there is a lack of understanding of the extent of pay immobility and what can be done about it. On 11 November the Resolution Foundation presented the findings of our final report on pay progression. It examines the characteristics of individuals, households, … Continued


David Laws

How should we share the gain and the pain in the next Parliament?

Monday 6 October 2014

Shared Growth

After years of stagnating living standards it is vital that we share in the gains of economic recovery and fairly distribute the burden of eliminating the deficit during the next parliament. At this Resolution Foundation event David Laws MP (Minister of State for Schools and for the Cabinet Office) and Tom Brake MP (Deputy Leader … Continued