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Living in the House of Debt

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Debt & Savings

Very high levels of household debt have been a stubbornly persistent feature of many developed economies – including those of the UK and the US – before, during and since the financial crisis. The Resolution Foundation has led UK analysis of how this debt may carry severe consequences for many families and for the wider … Continued



Where next for childcare policy? Learning from the 2004 childcare strategy

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Childcare & Families

In 2004, the Government launched a 10-Year Childcare Strategy that set the policy agenda for a decade. The event will launch the Family and Childcare Trust’s review of the achievements of the last ten years of childcare policy, developments under two successive administrations and identify key policy lessons for the future. The Rt Hon Margaret … Continued



Rachel Reeves MP – A better deal for savers: helping ordinary workers secure decent living standards in retirement

Thursday 29 May 2014

Debt & Savings

The struggle to set aside savings and the increasing difficulty that many working people find in securing a decent income at retirement is one of the less noticed but potentially most far-reaching issues in the living standards debate. In her first major speech on pensions policy since becoming Shadow Secretary of State for Work and … Continued


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Building a shared recovery – lessons from the downturn

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Shared Growth

A speech by the Rt Hon Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Responses: Alison Wolf - Professor of Public Sector Management at King’s College, London Paul Johnson - Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies  



Just the job – or a working compromise? The rise of self-employment and what it means for the labour market

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Work & Security

At this event the Resolution Foundation presented the findings of a timely new report on the changing face of self-employment in the UK and its implications for the labour market and living standards. Ben Page of Ipsos MORI explained the results of a comprehensive survey of self-employed workers conducted as part of the project which … Continued